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First and foremost, here at Tigers EZ Transport, we place integrity and ethical standards before profits. Our goal is to maintain a direct relationship with our clients that will enable us to provide exceptional, quality service. Management and staff take pride in working strenuously in order to exceed customer expectations. After years of experience we understand that respect and common courtesy is what drives some to succeed, while lack of it may drive others to fail; therefore we try our very best to honor all requests and go out of our way to fulfill our customers’ needs. We are dedicated 100% to customer satisfaction.

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We comply 100% with the FMCSA and DOT regulations. We make it our priority that every carrier we deal with meets all the FMCSA requirements before moving your car. Have questions? We are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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Tigers EZ Transport

From house to house, business to business, we do it all. Relocation, vacation, car collection or any other reason you need to have a car shipped, we will handle it from start to finish. We deal directly with fully insured carriers, to make sure your car is at the final destination with no delays.

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Many students need their cars when they start college. Others bring their cars back home for the summer. Either way, we offer big discounts for students in need of vehicle shipping.


Some people go down south for the winter and need a method of transportation when they are there. Once the weather heats up we gladly bring your car back north.


Military personnel can be moved around from base to base quite frequently. Tigers EZ Transport offers huge discounts to men and women of the armed forces.

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We Alleviate Supply Chain Pressures

We deliver thousands of loads per month and hundreds of thousands of vehicles per year. We offer long term specalized solutions to help you maximize profits and reduce headaches. Our proprietary tools and applications give you full visibility into every load from origin to destination.


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